Who we will fund

The Menopause Research and Education Fund’s (MREF) mission is to foster and support research to improve the health of all those who go through menopause while ensuring evidence-based information and education is available to all who need it.

To do this we will collect funds via donations to distribute to eligible research applicants. We will also deliver education programmes to healthcare professionals and organisation as well as making quality information available for all.



Who is eligible?

MREF will consider applications from eligible organisations or individuals involved in medical or other relevant research.

Applications will be considered from academics and researchers from educational facilities and other organisations including registered academic or research facilities, NGOs or NHS bodies.

Researchers must have approval from their organisation to carry out their research and must be able to demonstrate that.

Decisions on allocation of funds will be made by the board of trustees and selected experts who will examine the applications and determine their merits based on the information given in the application and the knowledge the research will deliver.

Applicants will have to demonstrate that their research will advance the knowledge base and provide benefit to those who go through menopause.

They must show their research will be carried out in a timely manner, in accordance with ethical standards, has no conflicts of interests in terms of other sources of funds and is not designed for the benefit of an individual, business or organisation.

What we will not fund.

MREF will not fund clinical studies or pharmaceutical trials, or research that is designed to illicit a business or marketing advantage for an individual, group, business or organisation.

MREF will not fund applicants where there is a conflict of interest, funding conflicts or where personal gain or interests are apparent.

Once we have sufficient funds to distribute an application form will be made available for those wishing to apply.